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An adventure through the aromas and tastes of India & Bangladesh!

Each of our dishes is expertly created using quality spices, ground into a fine powder by our chef’s and fresh herbs, chopped and portioned perfectly when cooking each dish. We blend our spices and herbs to create individual spice mixes allowing you to savour and appreciate the subtle flavours of every different dish.

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We use freshly marinated, large and chunky pieces of chicken to create our tikka and tandoori masterpieces. Our tandoori marinade encompasses a whole range of ingredients to give you the best tasting tikka around!

All our food is cooked fresh on order ensuring you receive piping hot food straight to your door! We make our tandoori breads right at the last moment making sure they are still beautifully fluffy and soft as you bite into them. Our rices are cooked individually with every order guaranteeing a freshness to them every time.

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